Elicko Taieb – E-Cigarette Expert Entrepreneur

Elicko Taieb has made a name for himself as a serial entrepreneur and an investor in startups of all kinds. He’s made his mark on a variety of industries, from pest control to CBD and everything in between. One of the market’s he’s most well-known in, though, is e-cigarettes.

Elicko Taieb prides himself on his expertise in marketing, branding, and trend prediction. All of these skills have helped him create successful businesses in the e-cigarette market and elsewhere.

Eilcko Taieb And Smoking Everywhere

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Eilcko Taieb And Smoking Everywhere

He was the founder and CEO of Smoking Everywhere, which was one of the very first e-cigarette brands to hit the United States. Taieb recognized the trend that the e-cig market was becoming in other countries around the world, and he knew that there could be a wide market for these products in America as well.

His hard work and passion for the business grew Smoking Everywhere into a huge enterprise. During his time with them, he was involved in the landmark court case Sottera Inc./Smoking Everywhere, Inc. v. U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which set the precedent for how the FDA was able to regulate e-cigarettes and related products.

Elicko Taieb and Vaporin

After his time with Smoking Everywhere, Elicko Taieb didn’t leave the e-cigarette market for good. He then went on to be the co-founder and brand creator of Vaporin, a major marketer and distributor for both e-cigarettes and vapor products.


Elicko Taieb helped to build Vaporin from the ground up, creating one of the most influential names in the e-cig business. In 2014, Vaporin was acquired by Vapor Corp., a NASDAQ listed company that, at the time, was the only vaporizer company that was listed on a major stock exchange.

Other Pursuits

The hard work and dedication that Elicko Taieb has shown in the e-cig industry has also been influential in a number of other ventures as well. He’s been involved with companies such as Diamond CBD, Stingers Pest Control, Goodool.com, and more.


Through it all, Elicko Taieb has managed to remain dedicated and passionate to his causes and always strives to stay ahead of the trends, a pursuit that has led him to his current status as one of the top branding experts in the business.

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